At the individual level Sacred Space exists in the heart, in the body and in the place one sits to tune in to the inner self.

At the level of the individual, the first step is to honor one's own body, to understand that it is a temple, an incredible gift of which we have sole custody. We can feed it well, exercise it, listen to its needs and look after it as one would the body of one's own child. Once tuned into the needs of the body for well-being, if you "listen" with your heart, you will hear the deep inner voice of intuition. This is "inner listening".

Also at the individual level, one can develop a special place to come to each day, to settle ones body, and to sit in such a way that it is comfortable but alert. From this position, with eyes closed or soft focused, one can leave behind all of the concerns of daily life and tune in to the vast stillness that lies below thought.

To reach this stillness, this inner space, as thoughts arise one simply lets them go, not attaching to them, not following them, not judging them, just letting them go. Gradually, through practice, one is able to "hear" and feel the qualities of inner space that are always present, but rarely attended to until we ourselves become "present". This daily sitting practice is nothing more than an exercise allowing us to be fully present to the here and now.

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