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The World Heritage Committee
700 plus properties have been inscribed on the World Heritage List. Here you'll find images and descriptions of many of the Earth's most stunning parks, natural habitats, and places of archaeological significance.

Mid-Atlantic Geomancy
Illustrations and explanations of many of Earth's most powerful sacred places, and a deep understanding of Sacred Space. There's much to explore here. An excellent site.

A non-profit public policy research organization dedicated to informing policymakers and the public about emerging global problems and trends and the complex links between the world economy and its environmental support systems.

The Northwest Earth Institute (NWEI)
Programs that motivate and educate individuals and organizations to protect the earth.

The Natural Step
An international organization that helps organizations and communities understand and move towards sustainability.

Rocky Mountain Institute
An entrepreneurial, nonprofit organization that fosters the efficient and restorative use of resources to create a more secure, prosperous, and life-sustaining world.

The Next Industrial Revolution,
A must-read article for those interested in understanding how we can go about designing a more sustainable world. Authors William McDonough, FAIA and Dr. Michael Braungart have written an extraordinarily clear description of the current confusions in our thinking, and have put forward a remarkable and attainable vision for our future.

A Walk Through Time Online
An incredible slide show a scientific understanding of the evolution of life on Earth. It is offered in the conviction that it is a rich and deeply meaningful context for identifying and addressing the most critical issues of the future.

Patterns of Conservation Economy
This site seeks to understand the patterns which organize this organic growth and to share that understanding broadly with individuals, businesses, and communities as a framework for sustainability.


Cradle to Cradle: Remaking the Way We Make Things by William McDonough

Silence, Song and Shadows by Tom Bender

Building with the Breath of Life by Tom Bender

Natural Capitalism by Paul Hawken, Amory Lovins, & Hunter Lovins

The Ecology of Commerce by Paul Hawken

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