At the planetary level Sacred Space exists in the historically and spiritually significant landmark, monument and landform, and in the natural environment.

Increasing numbers of people around the globe are beginning to recognize the oneness of the root motivation of all spiritual traditions. Places like the Great Pyramid at Giza in Egypt, Stonehenge in England and Machu Pichu in Peru are becoming pilgrimage destinations for many spiritual-seekers today.

Other naturally occurring landforms across the planet have long been power centers and places of enormous spiritual significance to the peoples of the area, such as Ayers Rock in Australia, and the Grand Canyon in the US. As with those spiritual monuments of the past, people are traveling from all over the world, not just to see these extraordinary landforms, but also to experience them “energetically” feel the power of being in their presence.

And more and more people are recognizing the spiritual significance of our natural environment - the parks, the beaches, the deserts, and the mountains - and are taking time to experience these places in a different way than in the recent past, not just as vacation spots, but as places to experience the oneness of self and nature.

Maitrhea’s web site is a place to find such spiritually significant places around the globe, and to share with others the experiences and pilgrimages that have been made.

If you know of sacred landforms, monuments, and parklands that you think we should include on our Related Links page, please let us know.

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