Maitrhea is a non-profit foundation dedicated to the reestablishment of sufficiency, beauty and balance in our homes, in our communities, and on our planet, through the making of sacred space designed for living, for self expression, for introspection, and for inner listening.

Just as there is a spatial sense that we can develop in the built environment and in nature, so there is an inner space that we can explore when we make the time and place for it. In many cultures this inner spatial awareness is developed through meditation, in others it is developed through prayer or contemplation. Whatever the mechanism used for its development, the first step is to place ones intention upon the creation of conditions to allow this time and place for inner listening to occur. We give the name Sacred Space to such a location.

Maitrhea's mission is to help people around the world to find places where they can develop this inner spatial awareness. In fact, our own bodies are all the sacred space we need for full awareness, but for most human beings it helps in the early stages of the inner journey to designate an actual spot in which to engage in meditation or contemplation, so that the place becomes associated with one's inner development.

Sacred space can be developed at many levels:

At the individual level this place is in the heart, in the body, as well as in the place one sits to attune to the inner self.

At the family level this place is the home, and the garden—the place of nurture.

At the societal level this place is the retreat center, and the place of prayer and meditation.

At the planetary level this place is the historically and spiritually significant landmark, monument, and landform, and the natural environment.

At the universal level sacred space exists in and around Earth, as well as every planet, sun, star and galaxy, and the space that surrounds all.

Beyond all levels the ultimate sacred space (which is really no space, no time, no thing) is pure Awareness.

As you explore this site you'll find that each of the sections is interrelated, but they are essentially, to use a musical analogy, at different octaves. Thus, when we speak of "home" for example, we can mean our body, our house, our planet, our universe, or our final resting place beyond this life.

The links provided are an important aspect of the site that we hope will help you on your own spiritual journey. This site will grow and change as our own understandings evolve so we hope you'll visit often, and share your own insights with others via the Bulletin Board, which will be up and running shortly.

To read more about the inspiration for Maitrhea's formation, please read the article Sacred Space: Home on It was written by Maitrhea's founder, Sarah Susanka.

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